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This Is Not Some Kind Of Initiation

Title: This Is Not Some Kind Of Initiation
Author: GwenCarmichael
Pairing: Frank/Tyler Glenn (of Neon Trees)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1353
Beta: cinnamoretti
mcr_bingo prompt: Band—Neon Trees
Disclaimer: In the words of Gru from Despicable Me… "Any relation to persons living or dead is completely coincidental."
Summary: Frank hooks up with Tyler Glenn when Neon Trees opens for My Chemical Romance.
Author's Note: In this story, Jamia doesn't exist.

This Is Not Some Kind Of Initiation

Tyler Glenn was hot. Frank decided this the first night that Neon Trees opened for My Chemical Romance. He'd already been pretty aware of Tyler's good looks—he'd seen plenty of videos and photos of the band when he was giving his input on what bands should open for them on tour—but watching him live was a completely different thing. Tyler strutted around the stage, dancing his ass off, looking slightly like he was having a seizure; he reminded Frank of Gerard at in that respect. His voice was hot, his tight pants were hot, his being shirtless was hot. Tyler was just hot all around.
For the next couple days, Frank found himself side stage for at least part of Neon Trees' set, even if he was supposed to be getting into the zone with the rest of the guys. It was just so good to watch, to see Tyler in his element: calm, cool, and collected even though he was in front of a bunch of people who were lucky to know two of his band's songs. He took everything in stride, looking like a wild animal but not letting anything go to his head or phase him in any way. Frank didn't mean to sound old and experienced—because going on thirty was not old, even if he had told Gerard it was when Gerard turned thirty—but if the band kept going the way they were, Neon Trees was going to be a force to be reckoned with. A couple years, maybe a solo tour of their own, and they'd be so tight there would be nothing that could get in their way. He kind of wanted to see that, wanted the chance to see that.
After the My Chem set, Frank jumped around backstage, hugging everyone in sight—everyone who wasn't carrying his beloved guitars or heavy amps. He might be crazy, but he wasn't stupid.
He saw Tyler grinning at him and rushed to hug him, too. God, every inch of Tyler was firm muscle and steady heat against him.
"Did you just moan?" Tyler joked, smiling, a light in his brown eyes.
"Maybe." Frank leaned in and kissed him, right on the mouth, and it was Tyler's turn to moan, clutching at Frank's shoulders while Frank ran his hands over the smooth sides of Tyler's head before rubbing his Mohawk against the grain.
When they separated, they were both breathing hard.
"Frank." No question, no order. Just his name, and that light in Tyler's eyes.
"Come to the hotel with me."
Tyler just nodded.

In Frank's hotel room, Tyler pressed him up against the door, kissing him anxiously as he rubbed against him, running his hands over Frank's hips and sides. Frank clutched at Tyler's shoulders and then spun them around. As short as Frank was compared to Tyler, he'd be damned if he didn't get a chance to see what sounds he could get Tyler to make under him.
God, they were beautiful sounds.
Frank pulled back, short of breath. "You should know," he panted, "that this isn't some kind of initiation or rite of passage or some shit. We don't, like, require the opening bands to be our fuck buddies or something. I just want you."
If possible, Tyler's dark eyes went darker. "Fuck. I—I just want you, too."
"Oh, thank fuck." Frank attacked his mouth again, rough and sharp and wet.
They had their shirts off by the time they crashed down on the bed, and Frank gasped helplessly, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, his hand on Tyler's head begging him not to stop as he licked and sucked across Frank's tattoos. As he arched into Tyler's mouth, Frank had never loved his tattoos more.
When Frank was half-mindless with need, Tyler moved up to his mouth and firmly thrust his tongue inside, grinding down hard against him. Frank groaned, hands grappling against the planes of Tyler's back, not sure if he needed to touch him or hold onto something.
Tyler climbed off him quickly, and Frank gaped at him, panting, until Tyler choked out, "Pants. Get your pants off."
Tyler shoved down his own jeans and then helped a struggling Frank by stripping the sweat-soaked denim down and off his legs. He got back onto the bed between Frank's legs and took hold of his knees, pushing them up and out before nosing below Frank's balls and licking across his hole.
"Jesus, fuck!" Frank's voice was high and breathless, and he needed Tyler to do that again. "More," he begged. "Please, Tyler, more."
Tyler licked at him again, sliding his tongue in circles before pushing it deep into Frank's ass. Frank threw back his head and screamed.
Tyler just kept licking into him, again and again, sliding in his fingers as well and rubbing Frank from the inside out. Frank grabbed onto the base of his dick, desperately trying to keep from coming, and gasped, "Tyler. Tyler, please."
Tyler's head came up slowly from between his legs, eyes dark, mouth red and wet. "Frank?" His voice was raw. He hesitated above him, unsure, until Frank wrapped his arms around him and pulled Tyler's mouth down to meet his. As he sucked on Tyler's tongue, he didn't care that it had just been in his ass; the fact that Tyler was willing—and wanted—to do that to him just made it hotter.
He turned his head, gasping for air as Tyler bit and sucked at his throat. "Tyler. Tyler, I'm ready. Please. Fuck me."
Tyler leaned over Frank, holding his weight up on his arms, and looked down at him. "Condom?"
Frank panted, trying to think straight. "My bag. Front pocket."
Tyler moved away quickly, and Frank watched him dig in his bag, staring at the curve of his spine and the swell of his ass.
"Hurry up, Tyler. C'mon."
Tyler came back between his legs, mouthing at the inside of his thigh while he rolled on the condom and slicked himself up. "How do you like it?" he asked, meeting Frank's lust blown eyes and resting a hand on his knee.
"Like this." Frank rocked his hips, trying to bring them closer together. "Tyler, please."
Bracing one hand beside Frank and guiding his cock with the other, Tyler slowly pushed inside, pausing and watching Frank's face when he was all the way in. Frank's mouth was open wide in a silent cry, and his eyes slowly opened to meet Tyler's, holding his gaze as he waited for the initial burn to pass. When Tyler rocked his hips and Frank's eyelids fluttered, Tyler took that as an invitation and began thrusting into him in earnest.
"Tyler, Tyler, Tyler…" Frank began chanting his name breathlessly as their hips moved together, and Tyler bent down, letting Frank rub off against his belly as he kissed him hard.
"Tyler, Tyler… oh." Frank cried out into Tyler's mouth, clutching his shoulders hard as he came between them.
A few unsteady thrusts into Frank's clenching heat and Tyler was coming as well.
After Tyler threw away the condom and cleaned them both up with his t-shirt, he lay on his back beside Frank, both of them breathing hard as they came down.
"Fuck, you're amazing," Frank gasped out, and Tyler grinned.
"Was this a one night only kind of thing?" he asked. "I mean, I'll still be on tour for another two and a half weeks."
Frank rolled onto his side to meet Tyler's eyes. "Are you offering me another two and a half weeks of nights just like tonight?"
Tyler grinned. "I think I could agree to that."
"Deal." Frank reached down for the blanket and pulled Tyler's arm across his chest. "If you're one of those fuckers who gets up at the ass crack of dawn, you better not wake me up until a decent hour. Like, lunch hour."
"What if I wake you up with a blowjob?"
Drowsily, Frank muttered, "If it's truly phenomenal, you might be forgiven." Tyler's laughter was the last thing he heard before he fell asleep.


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