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Master List

Adam Lambert


Title:  Allison's Teenage Dream
Pairing:  Adam/Tommy
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Allison decided to throw a party to experience her missed high school years. 
(Part 1, Part 2)

Title: The Blind Date That Opens Your Eyes
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tommy and Adam are set up on a blind date by their friends and sparks fly.
(Not So Blind Date, Drowing Out Of Water)

Title:  Watch As My World Ends
Pairing: Adam/Kris
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  In the apocalypse of World War III, everything is a trade.  Whether it's goods or services, anyone who has something is someone worth knowing, and everyone has their own backstory. 
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

One Shots

Title:  Turned Something Beautiful Into Something Sick
Pairing:  Adam/Tommy
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Adam and Tommy are kidnapped by a psycho fan who demands an Adommy performance.

Title:  Fanfic Fantasy
Pairing:  Adam/Tommy
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Adam and Tommy play out a fanfic for real. 

Title:  Another Knot In Your String Of Twinks
Pairing:  Adam/Tommy
Rating:  R
Summary:  There's unrequited love all around but no second album in sight. 

Title:  In The Same Place At The Same Time
Pairing:  Adam/Kris
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Kris and Adam are reunited as judges on American Idol Season Sixteen and realize that they're completely different people than they were before. 

My Chemical Romance


Title:  Everyone Here Is Fucking Everyone Here
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Frank/Ray, Ray/Mikey, Gerard/Ray, Gerard/Mikey
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  The band takes their relationship to a new level. 
(Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Frank/Ray, Ray/Mikey, Ray/Gerard, Gerard/Mikey, Epilogue)

Title:  Inside The Video
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray, Bob/Brian
Rating:  PG-13/R/PG/NC-17/NC-17 (chronologically)
Summary:  The band finds themselves inside their videos. 
(I'm Not Okay, Ghost Of You, Helena, Black Parade, Desolation Row)

Title:  Stupid Teenagers
Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Rating: PG
Summary:  Mikey finally confides in Frank, and the unthinkable happens.
(Stupid Girl, Stupid Boy)

One Shots

Title:  It Doesn't Matter If It's Real Or Fake
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Gerard's stage orgasm leads to surprising results. 

Title:  Nightmares
Pairing:  Party Poison/Fun Ghoul
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Party Poison can feel the end coming. 

Title:  No More Fallouts For This Fall Out Boy
Pairing:  Pete/Mikey
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Pete's marriage falls apart and the past falls back together. 

Title: Lie To Me
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray
Rating:  R
Summary:  The boys make a bad interview a little better. 

Title:  Gerard Of My Chemical Romance
Pairing:  General
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Gerard realizes the difference between himself and 'Gerard of MCR.'

Title:  Jet Star And The Kobra Kid
Pairing:  Jet Star/Kobra Kid
Rating:  R
Summary:  Party Poison discovers something going on between Jet Star and Kobra Kid. 

Title:  I'd Light Myself On Fire For My Art
Pairing:  Bob/Brian
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Bob is on fire during the filming of "Famous Last Words," and Brian reacts accordingly. 

Title:  Prove It
Pairing:  Mikey/Brian
Rating:  PG
Summary:  After Brian talks Gerard down from suicide, Mikey sees him as more than just their manager.

Title:  This Is Not Some Kind Of Initiation
Pairing:  Frank/Tyler Glenn
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Frank hooks up with Tyler Glenn when Neon Trees opens for My Chemical Romance.

Title:  You Make The Noise Go Away
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard
Rating:  R
Summary: Frank helps Gerard with his withdrawal needs.

Title: Prove It
Pairing: Mikey/Brian
Rating: PG
Summary: After Brian talks Gerard down from suicide, Mikey sees him as more than just their manager.

Title: Not What You Signed Up For
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bert has messed Gerard up, and Frank helps him get through it.

Title:  Shut Up And Blow Me
Pairing:  Frank/Gerard
Rating:  R
Summary:  Frank owes Gerard after kicking him in the balls on stage. 

Panic! At The Disco

One Shots

Title:  Supenova For You
Pairing:  Ryan/Brendon, Ryan/Pete
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Ryan would do anything for Brendon.  Anything

Title:  The South Could Be The Death Of Me
Pairing:  Ryan/Brendon
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  The heat makes everyone a little crazy.  

Title: Sometimes A Cherry Popping Is Just A Cherry Popping (Except For When It's Not)
Pairing: Jon/Spencer, Jon/Brendon, Jon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jon is a master when it comes to taking V-cards, and it just so happens that Spencer, Ryan, and Brendon are looking for just that.


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Hi, is 'Watch As My World Ends' friends locked?
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Actually, it's being published in a year, so I had to lock this version until after publication. Sorry about that.
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